My courses have been highly rated by my students. Indeed, I was the single recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Associate Teaching Award at Ohio State in 2016, out of more than 2000 possible candidates. This was the result of a semester-long process driven entirely by a student-led nomination and voting, including interviews about my teaching philosophy and classroom observations.

Beyond formal course instruction, I have advised numerous students in laboratory protocols, experimental methodology, statistical analysis, and theoretical development. I am especially happy to have acted as primary advisor for a student completing her undergraduate thesis on stereotyping in social judgments who, after graduating with distinction, went on to complete her own doctoral degree in psychology.

I have likewise been a guest lecturer for courses in criminology and consumer behavior, with invited talks to groups representing a range of disciplines including psychology, marketing, and political science. Finally, I have been involved in advising commercial enterprises, engaging with community outreach groups, and volunteering for political campaigns toward the development and application of persuasion science, academic support, and pricing strategies.

Below is a selection of course evaluations from my former students.

Student Comments

"Hands down the best instructor I've had for any class, any subject, at any college I've attended."

"Geoff was an excellent teacher who really cared for his students. He was always available for help and did a great job in assisting us to help us learn. I felt very comfortable to ask him for help with anything, even in writing for a different course."

"I loved that Geoff was always available to discuss different pricing topics, and I think the group cases were excellent because they definitely allowed me to apply what I was learning in class to the situation of the case."

"Geoff was awesome! This is the best class I have taken at Owen and i'm sad to see it's over. Geoff was a wonderful teacher."

"I think the prof did an excellent job with stimulating the conversation in the class. He also did a good job of making it relevant and relating it to things a lot of people wouldn't have considered. I came in with little to no experience in pricing strategies and very little interest but now I feel very interested and am honed in on the important aspects and strategies that companies use in my daily life."

"Geoff creates an atmosphere where it is very safe and comfortable to speak your mind and ask questions. I also enjoyed my group work and the fresh cases."

"I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the subject matter and so has been my favorite course at Owen. I really enjoyed the class discussions and articles we read."

"Professor Durso does a great job at creating an interactive class discussion where everyone participates to significant extent."

"Teachings are practical. Lectures have clearly been tailored for a business audience. Very much appreciate the lack of academic filler material. I think I learned a lot in this course."

"I loved the psychology skew of the class. Geoff is clearly passionate about the topic and chose an array of topics to cover."

"Prof. Durso is a very caring and conscientious instructor. He is always available and highly responsive to questions, and it's obvious that he's truly invested in the learning and success of his students. He also regularly solicits feedback and actively tries to adjust the content and format of the class to make it more relevant and engaging based on student input."

"Geoff is awesome! Very approachable and easy to talk to. He does a great job at teaching the material in a way that is understandable. He is also very energetic and excited to teach."

"Professor Durso was an above and beyond professor. Professor Durso returned emails in a prompt manner as well as offered various office hours for one-on-one attention. Professor Durso always lend a helping hand and provided the class with interesting facts as well as use of the technology in the class room. Professor Durso is one of the best professor's I have had while studying at The Ohio State University."