My courses have been highly rated by students, averaging between 4.8 and 4.9 out of 5.0 on student evaluations (compared with the university-wide average of 4.3). In 2016, I was the single recipient of the Arts and Sciences College Outstanding Graduate Associate Teaching Award at Ohio State, the result of a semester-long process that included student-led nomination and voting, an interview about my teaching philosophy, and classroom observation.

Below are some of the things my students have said about my courses, as well as a brief summary of the courses I have taught.

Students' Comments

"Hands down the best instructor I've had for any class, any subject, at any college I've attended."

"I think Geoff has a great way with his students and they way he conducts his class helps his students begin to think more like a social psychologist. I wish the class was longer... I'm not done with learning about this subject! I want more!! Geoff is in my top 5 for favorite professors that I've had in my undergrad career; one I'll remember for a long time and that I've learned most from."

"Geoff was an excellent teacher who really cared for his students. He was always available for help and did a great job in assisting us to help us learn. I felt very comfortable to ask him for help with anything, even in writing for a different course."

"Geoff is awesome! Very approachable and easy to talk to. He does a great job at teaching the material in a way that is understandable. He is also very energetic and excited to teach."

"Amazing class, incredible teacher."

"Such a helpful instructor. Loved his style of teaching."

"Professor Durso was an above and beyond professor. Professor Durso returned emails in a prompt manner as well as offered various office hours for one-on-one attention. Professor Durso always lend a helping hand and provided the class with interesting facts as well as use of the technology in the class room. Professor Durso is one of the best professor's I have had while studying at The Ohio State University."

"I didn't hit all positive for all of the questions to get the SEI over with. I genuinely think that Geoff Durso is one of the best instructors I had at OSU. Every time I had a question, he answered it extremely well. The lectures were always interesting, and he seemed genuinely interested in the material, which in turn made me genuinely interested in the material."

Introduction to Social Psychology

Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

Fundamental theories and findings in social psychology, emphasizing experimental and empirical methods and the “process” approach to basic psychological science.

Social Psychology Laboratory Methods

Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

Advise undergraduate research assistants on classic and modern experimental methods and theory in social psychology, with application to data collection, data analysis, and theoretical development.

Psychology Honors Thesis

Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

Graduate student advisor to thesis student, reviewing literature on self-validation, bias correction, and stereotyping toward designing, running, and analyzing the results of two original empirical studies.

Consumer Behavior (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Marketing and Logistics, The Ohio State University

Introduction to Criminology (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Sociology, The Ohio State University

Introduction to Social Psychology (Teaching Assistant)

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University

Introduction to Neuroscience (Teaching Assistant)

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University