I completed two bachelor's degrees with honors at Indiana University in 2011, studying psychology, marketing, and mathematics. I completed my master's degree in experimental social psychology at The Ohio State University in 2013, where I am currently a PhD candidate.

I have been funded by the National Science Foundation as a Graduate Research Fellow, and my work has been the recipient of various departmental, university, and conference awards. For media coverage of my work, please use the media link above.

My broader research interests focus on the psychological processes of evaluation, and their related cognitive, emotional, and behavioral consequences. I am especially interested in individuals' evaluations of other people (social cognition and interpersonal power), their evaluations of brands, products, reviews, and other similar experiences (consumer behavior), and their evaluations of ideologies and politicians in the context of decision making during elections (political science). Finally, a significant portion of my work intersects with social neuroscience and pharmacological perspectives toward understanding context-dependent effects of drugs, and larger concerns about psychological effects on the body and vice versa.

My colleagues and I conduct research addressing three broad questions toward these ends:

(1) How do people perceive and make sense of conflicting negative and positive information (that is, ambivalence)?

(2) How do people respond to subsequent confirmations or violations (i.e., surprise) in their evaluative expectations?

(3) How, when, and why do people exhibit more or less sensitivity to both positive and negative information?

The advisors with whom I work most closely are Rich Petty, Duane Wegener, Baldwin Way, Rob Smith, and BJ Rydell. My other colleagues include Andy Luttrell, Luke Hinsenkamp, Vanessa Sawicki, Matt Rocklage, Ian Roberts, and Lexi Keaveney.

These collaborations have produced research that appears in Psychological Science,the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Review of General Psychology, and Social Psychological and Personality Science.

For more specific information about individual research projects, please see the link above to my cv + reprints.